Divine Conversations *Brand New for 2018*

Divine Conversations *Brand New for 2018*


The outcome of our days on earth will be determined by our relationship with God. The more access we give Him to our lives and the greater effort we make to seek Him daily, the more fulfilling our lives will be both here, and in eternity. 

When we embark on our journey with God, we grow to know Him, and increasingly reflect Him as we are transformed by His presence. 

In this study, we will look at ten divine conversations with people like Hannah, Nehemiah, Jonah, Jesus and others. We will see how He creates, renews, establishes, and fulfills His will through close communion with His people. We will be inspired and encouraged by their interactions with God and His powerful work in and through their lives. 

Get ready for your faith to increase and your heart to pursue Him and His will for your life more fervently.

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